Nathan Strager, Top Real Estate Agent in Las Vegas, Discusses Current Market Situation at Local Living News

In a recent interview with Ms. Nicole Reynolds, the host of  Local Living on NBC, Nathan Strager, a top real estate agent in Las Vegas, discussed the current state of the real estate market during COVID-19. When asked about the market's situation, Nathan said that it is adjusting, but not declining or entering a recession. He also mentioned that interest rates have normalized, and the market will continue to adjust around 5%-10%. Nathan emphasized the importance of making decisions while the market is in a vulnerable state.

Aside from being a successful real estate agent, Nathan is also passionate about Salsa dancing. He has traveled the world performing, and even has his own studio and event center called Rhythms located on 4545 W. Sahara Ave. Nate also currently hosts the biggest Salsa & Bachata dancing event in North America called the Las Vegas Super Congress which has over 5,000 attendees. In his opinion, dancing brings people together, regardless of their background.

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