Nate Strager | Las Vegas Morning Blend Show

Nathan Strager, a highly respected real estate expert, recently sat down with KTNV Channel 13 in Las Vegas to discuss the hottest topics in the industry. According to Strager, the market has been struggling for the past six months, and interest rates have risen between 5%-7%. However, Strager predicts that the market will soften and drop by 5-10% in the coming year due to the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

When asked about his long-term predictions for 2023, Strager said that he expects the market to continue correcting and potentially drop another 5-10% as COVID-related restrictions are lifted and more people are vaccinated.

Strager is known for his exceptional communication skills and ability to provide top-quality service to clients, no matter whether they are interested in residential or commercial properties. In addition to his expertise in real estate, Strager is also a talented salsa dancer and animal lover. To learn more about his services, contact Strager at 702-301-1091 or visit his website at