Legendary Comedian Jerry Lewis's Clark County Property Sold in Foreclosure for $2 Million

Las Vegas, NV - A piece of entertainment history recently changed hands as a house formerly owned by legendary comedian Jerry Lewis was sold in a September foreclosure sale for approximately $2 million, according to Clark County property records. The sale of this iconic property has garnered significant attention in both the local community and online.

The news of the sale was first reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, which revealed that Brumbies Capital Inc., a private lending company, acquired the property in September. The company purchased the property for just over $2 million, as documented in records filed with the Clark County Recorder's Office.

What makes this sale particularly intriguing is the property's history and its association with the beloved comedian Jerry Lewis. To shed light on the property's past, realtor, entrepreneur, and content creator Nathan Strager took viewers on a virtual tour of Jerry Lewis's former estate via his YouTube channel. The tour video quickly gained traction, amassing more than 73,000 views and counting.

In the video, Nathan Strager shared insights about the property's history, showcasing various aspects of the house that still retained its original features from the time when Jerry Lewis lived there. Strager began the tour by stepping into the foyer, highlighting the original chandelier that once graced Lewis's home. The video depicted the preservation of historical elements during renovations, including the original doors and chandelier.

As the tour continued, Strager guided viewers through what he referred to as the "lounge area," where a massive fireplace with petrified wood caught the eye. He emphasized the significance of this space as the backdrop for countless parties and gatherings with celebrities and the Rat Pack, including stars like Frank Sinatra and Jerry Seinfeld.

In the kitchen, Strager pointed out how the property owners had updated the countertops and cabinets while retaining the original appliances used by Jerry Lewis during his time in the house. The vintage charm and history of the property were evident in every room.

Upstairs, Strager showcased a piece of memorabilia from a historic interview: the desk where Jerry Seinfeld and Jerry Lewis once conversed. This desk was preserved for the sake of nostalgia and history. The upstairs area featured a library space and a balcony, adding to the property's allure.

The primary bedroom in the house held countless stories from Jerry Lewis's time there. The room featured a fireplace, two large closets, and a spacious walkway leading to the primary bathroom, all designed to accommodate Lewis's extensive wardrobe of custom-made clothes.

The property also included additional bedrooms and a bathroom that retained historical elements, such as the vintage fixtures. In total, the house boasts nearly 8,000 square feet on a lot spanning just under three-quarters of an acre. Its location provided a stunning view of iconic Las Vegas landmarks like Resorts World, Fountain Blue, and Turnberry.

The property's backyard was equally impressive, with a large rock waterfall, a slide, and a history of unforgettable parties. The outdoor area reflected the bygone glamour of vintage Vegas.

The property even featured a casita that once served as Jerry Lewis's film studio, further enhancing the historical significance of the estate.

Nathan Strager's in-depth tour revealed unique details, including a room with the original cryotherapy equipment, an intriguing tidbit about an elevator installed by the mob, and more, showcasing the fascinating history and character of the house.

Thanks to Strager's efforts in creating a Property Tour Vlog for the property, buzz and curiosity have been generated on social media, with viewers from around the world showing great interest in the legendary comedian's former residence. This property sale and the associated video tour serve as a testament to the enduring fascination with the golden age of entertainment and the rich history of Las Vegas. Nate Strager will be the one to enlist back the said comedian’s property 6- Bed, 6 bath with 7,925 sq ft for a new chapter in a price cap of $2.5 Million. For interested earlier buyers you may contact now Nathan Strager at  +1 (702)-301-1091. 

As this historic property changes hands, it is sure to remain a point of interest for those captivated by the nostalgia and allure of vintage Vegas and the legendary Jerry Lewis.